Aaron Johnson is a portrait artist and studying illustrator from California. Aaron works in oil, acrylic, graphite, and pastel as well as digital media. His subject matter is predominantly musicians, popular culture and classic automobiles. Aaron’s artwork is collected and exhibited in numerous galleries.  Currently, Aaron has returned to California College Of The Arts in San Francisco to complete his second degree. “I am thankful for the people that display, collect, appreciate and share my artwork. I am grateful to have the opportunity to continue to learn.”

I had previously put together a short animated gif in Concept class during the 2020 fall semester and really enjoyed the process. I took images I had cut and collected from the sports section of a newspaper and put them into motion. With Portfolio this semester I was inspired to revisit the idea and push it further. This time using better equipment and software. Watching my videos I hope to amuse and entertain the viewer. While some may see a serious note or two the overall idea was to be a bit silly and have a little dreamlike fun. In this case using an old form of animation, stop motion to do so.

The craft of animating cut paper goes back to at least 1926. Arguably perfected by Lotte Reininger with “The Adventures of Prince Achmed.”  I am slowly gaining experience and enjoy the meticulous nature of the frame by frame process. I used joined and disjointed images from old magazines including Sports Illustrated, National Geographic, People and Thrasher to form my short videos. I like the retro feel it gives and how it lends to the old time stop motion look. I used the software Dragonframe, GarageBand and Premiere Pro. 
Thank you for watching.

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